Cynthia Shuken Shiatsu

19th May 2019 
Tel: 0131 667 1758


Cynthia Shuken MRSS (TT) - Shiatsu (Acupressure Massage) in Edinburgh

Ki: this symbol is a Japanese character which means "energy".

Sometimes called Acupressure Massage or Japanese Massage, Shiatsu is a therapy with its roots in acupuncture, Oriental massage, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It aims to promote health and relaxation through supporting the connection between body and mind.
Like many other forms of Oriental medicine, it is about working with the whole person rather than just treating specific symptoms.

As in some other Oriental therapies, such as acupuncture, Shiatsu helps to promote healing by working with the energy in the meridians (energy channels) and and acupressure points to create greater harmony of body, mind and emotions. It is a deeply relaxing technique, which is useful for a wide range of physical problems, as well as for stress management and other emotional imbalances.

During a treatment, the therapist exerts pressure on acupressure points and meridians using thumbs, palms, elbows and knees, while the recipient is either lying down or sitting in a comfortable position. Some gentle manipulations and stretches are also used. The recipient remains fully clothed during the treatment.

Cynthia is a fully qualified Shiatsu therapist, in the Newington area of Edinburgh. She is a co-founder and trainer in The Shiatsu School Edinburgh.